Whether it’s crop seeds or livestock younglings (fingerlings, chicks, calves, piglets or kids). We assist farmers in nuturing their seeds/seedlings to ensure strong and healthy products.

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Storage, perservation, and transporation of agriculture products is an essential link in The Food System Value Chain. We partner with businesses to ensure this lucrative and vital aspect of agribusiness aligns with industry and economy requirements.



The steady tending to various agricultural products is both a discipline and science requiring proven methodologies. We not only ensure the crops and livestock attain full yield and maturity, but also manage the production operations to ensure efficiently sustainable high return on investments.



The place where innovation resides is the foundation of value our company will provide for all stakeholders. Our core compentency is actualized through the breakthroughs that will be produced at our processing facilities.

Chairman and CEO of AFAS; Chairman of ALFANIG

Dr. alexander edionwe

Our experts

Vice President and Board Member of AFAS; Board Member of ALFANIG

Dr. Francis ero

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Vice President and Board Member of AFAS; Board Member of ALFANIG

alton V. G. jackson


Vice President and Board Member of AFAS; Board Member of ALFANIG


Strategic Partner of AFAS; CFO of ALFANIG

Funso O. Boyede

About us

AFAS International, USA; is an American based company duly registered under the company corporate commission. It is the parent company of our Nigerian company; ALFANIG Global Concepts Limited. 

Our mission

We are experts in production of Dairy products and Feedlots (meat production) – Goats, Cattle, Swine etc. We produce fish and livestock feeds for the agriculture sector by establishing and operating manufacturing facilities.

Our offer

  • Unlock the potential of natural resources
  • Unleash your human capital
  • Diversify the revenue of your economy