Agribusiness from Farm to Fork

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Agriculture's contributions to the food supply, foreign currency earnings, provision of employment, supply of raw materials to other sectors and its role as a market and contributor to the gross domestic product (GDP) is foundation to a robust economy.

Unlocking natural resources

Agricultural resources are fundamental to economic growth and prosperity. A new generation of disruptive science and technology is creating rapid change that will likely lead to fundamental shifts and the emergence of new business models. This creates an enormous opportunity, not just for primary industries, but also for the services sector to harness these new technologies and develop solutions for the global agriculture resources market.

Unleashing human capital

Agribusiness vast scope of opportunity actualizes a region’s competitiveness in its human talent—the skills, knowledge, and experience of its population, better known as “human capital”

Diversifying economic revenue

The global economy is stagnating, and uncertainty about its future is rising. These trends weigh heavily on countries that depend on the production and export of a small range of products, or that sell products in only a few overseas markets. Prices of the minerals and other basic commodities that dominate the exports of many poor countries have also declined sharply. All of this points up the need for diversification strategies that can deliver sustained, job intensive and inclusive growth.

Enjoy the benefits of sustainable agribusiness