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Africa’s economic performance over the last decade has been remarkable, having reached an average growth of 5%. If this growth is maintained, projections indicate Africa’s GDP should increase approximately threefold by 2030 and sevenfold by 2050, outstripping Asia’s. Yet this growth has not translated to creating jobs or tackling inequalities.

Agricultural production is one of the most important economic sectors in the majority of African countries. Approximately 75% of Africans rely on it for their livelihoods. History illustrates that agriculture, particularly the developed agribusiness and agro-industry sectors, has been the driver of economic growth in countries across the globe—for example, Brazil and China. In Africa, agribusiness and agro-industries account for more than 30% of national incomes as well as the bulk of export revenues and employment. Scaling up agribusiness could be the next growth frontier. It could offer immediate value addition through commodity-based industrialization that exploits forward and backward linkages with the rest of the economy. Such industrialization could lift many rural dwellers out of poverty while creating jobs across the economy.

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  • Tackling Complex and Difficult Issues, in a Field-Based Approach, through grasping the development needs on the ground and designing required solutions. 
  • Fostering Expertise for Providing Professional Solutions, by deploying our vast experience and wisdom gained in the field and knowledge-sharing capabilities to quickly and accurately address a wide range of development issues. 
  • Efficient and Transparent Operations, by continuously managing and evaluating our operations for efficiency and transparency, remain committed to renewing and streamlining our organization, and thereby maintaining a high level of accountability.


  • Check Rural-Urban Migration, through provision of both Employment and Social Infrastructure enhancements in the suburbs, consequently reducing the migration drift to the larger communities.
  • Enhance Capacity Building, through training in 21st century and cutting edge Agriculture Technology, and provision of cost effective and competitive Feeds and Agriculture Equipment.
  • Enhance Youth Empowerment, by building International Standard Feed mill with well-equipped Laboratory, Observation Centers and Training Schools for capacity building and skill acquisitions and technology transfer.


  • Provide both Financial and Technical Partnership Resources.
  • Procurement, Design, Construct and Manage the Facility with Local/Foreign Expatriates.
  • Train local staff for operations.
  • Collaborate with all Agencies of Government for the success of Project.

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Our company is comprised of international trade experts who specialize in providing innovative, customized solutions to your issues. We assist our clients in negotiating with governments and corporations.

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“Don’t just strive to be the best in our industry, strive to be the best in any industry...." Our company has synthesized industry best practices to operate at a world-class standard. From education, automotive, aerospace, agribusiness, energy, hospitality management, information technology, telecommunications, financial services, insurance or consulting (and more) our leadership team spans the spectrum of experience.